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Promotional Materials
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PUBLICITY PHOTOS - publicity photos by David McClister

PUBLICITY PHOTOS - publicity photos by James Minchin

NOTE! Photo credit must accompanyany reproduction of the above images:  Photographs by James Minchin

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3 Minute Spot - mp4 - DOWNLOAD

60 Second Spot - mp4 - DOWNLOAD

30 Second Spot - mp4 - DOWNLOAD

Calling Me Home Press Release - PDF

Calling Me Home Liner Notes - PDF

Quote Sheet - WORD | PDF

Band Bios - WORD | PDF

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Calling Me Home tour poster - PDF

Request Tour Posters: Don London <donlondon@comcast.net>

Bill Cooley


Eamonn O'Rourke


David Spicher


Christmas PR and Photos

Songs and the Season Tour Press Release - WORD | PDF

Songs and the Season Program Bio - WORD | PDF

Songs and the Season Band Bios - WORD | PDF